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Global Parachem LLP

Global Parachem LLP is a leading Indian flexible packaging company based in Uttar Pradesh's Noida and Ghaziabad in New Delhi NCR. We have been producing and delivering high quality flexible packaging products with low minimums to major international and indigenous companies in India for more than 25 years, constantly innovating and evolving our extensive range of  Paper Bags, multilayer films, compostable films, shrink films, tamper-proof security bags, FMCG packaging, customised printing and packaging solutions. All our products are made in line with the expectations of our partners, environmental mandates, regulations and benchmarks

Innovative techniques and adoption of the best production tech drives our company towards the best packaging tech, produces superior products, and our commitment to delivering peerless packaging products for our clients has seen enabled us to grow remarkably in terms of production quality as well as quantity. Global Parachem LLP is a one stop destination for all flexible packaging needs; all processes are in-house, from extrusion of films from raw material to the production of the end product. This makes for seamless, effective and timely delivery of orders, and of course, happy customers. We already are the largest packaging provider in Delhi NCR, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Ghaziabad, Haryana and many other states

What our clients say

Sameer K

“The best flexible packaging solutions I’ve come across, timely delivery and great customer care.”


“Impeccable, reliable, and punctual. Highly recommend Global Parachem for any flexible packaging requirement.”


“Superior quality flexible packaging products, each and every time. A huge shoutout for providing my business with the right packaging.”

R Brijesh

"Affordable packaging for my ecommerce store. I am using FMCG packaging and security bags by Global Parachem"


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Get the best quality eCommerce packaging material like paper bags, security bags, FMCG packaging etc. for your online store anywhere in India now