Tamper Proof Courier Bags

Bags that can’t be tampered with

Tamper proof Courier-Bags for ecommerce

Tamper Proof or Tamper Evident Bags are  foolproof security packaging products that have tamper-proof seals. This means if anybody in the supply chain tries to open or “tamper” with the bags, it won’t remain a secret. A number of features make these bags more secure than any other way of packaging. But the most important one is the special blotting ink withheld in the sealing of the bags. If the seal is opened even a little, the ink is released, and the blotting can’t be wiped off.

This irreversible sign of tampering will inform stakeholders in the supply chain and mandate they act accordingly against the sender or receiver of the package: wherever their package comes from.

These tamper proof bags are made from co-extruded polymers and come in any colour of choice. The bags can even be transparent and irrespective, offer terrific tensile strength. This strong material and the ink make it impossible to open these bags without leaving a trace.

Naturally, tamper proof or tamper evident bags are mostly used for moving high value items, confidential documents, personal literature and correspondence.


Tamper Proof Security Bags are customisable and come with other great features apart from their tamper proof ink seals and strong material.

These bags come with

  • Perforation
  • Individual Unique Numbers
  • Tamper-Evident Closure
  • Thermocromic Tape
  • Multiple direction barcodes
  • Twin Seals
  • Multiple Tear of Receipts
  • Writable Surface
  • Thick seal on 3 sides
E-Commerce Packaging bags

These bags come in 5 levels of security from 1 to 5, level 5 being the highest and best quality.

Some Specifications

  • Material: LDPE / LLDPE
  • Thickness: 50 to 150 micron
  • Maximum bag size: 32″ x 41″
  • Minimum bag size: 5″ x 11″
  • Printing: Upto eight colour / Photo print

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