Our arsenal of printing machinery is made up of best in class machines that are globally recognised as industry leaders. All equipment has been selected after due diligence and research to ensure our products are superior and consistent, for all our clients. 


4 Windsor™️ 3 Layer Blown Film Plants that manufacture peerless three layer flexible packaging film with maximum width up to 2200mm and layer ratio of - (1:1:1 / 1:2:1 / 1:3:1)
Currently producing 10,000 tonnes per annum


3 Rotogravure printing machines for high quality high volume printing at maximum width of 1500mm
2 CI Flexo printing machines for impeccable, long lasting print up to 1250mm. Available in 8 water based ink colours that are easier to work with and also dry out much faster, which ensures no spill overs and misprints.


4 Jumbo roll slitting machines for cutting large rolls into exact sizes

flexible packaging


12 Mamata™️ Side Sealing and 2 Bottom Sealing Machines for efficiently producing top end flexible packaging.
Air Bubble Bag Machine for producing non toxic transparent bubble wrap packaging with great shock absorption and resistance .

Heat Slitter Machine for premium folder production.
Gusseting machine for folded and perforated coreless roll production.
Zipper Bag Machine for making side seal bags, sealed with an attached zipper.

FMCG Packaging Products


5 Paper Bag making machines for producing environment friendly and sustainable cornstarch paper bags.
Fully automatic state of the art JB™️ paper bag making machine that produces elite paper products with personality. The machine is new to the bag market and allows customers the chance to to create original and visually attractive bag shapes and designs.

V Bottom Paper Bag Machine for producing grocery bags.
Autobags on Roll machine for mailer bags with enhanced seal integrity.


We put our products through daily testing and random sampling at our state of the art quality control lab, ensuring the highest packaging standards and customer satisfaction. Our products are put through

Dart Impact Machine for ensuring the strength and durability of our products, along with their resistance to impact.
Coefficient of Friction or COF Machine for ensuring smooth friction free products that slide freely against each other.
Universal Tester Machine or UTM Machine for testing the tensile strength,durability, ductility and flexibility of products.
Meltflow Index Machine or MFI Machine for measuring the rate of extrusion of thermoplastic material keeping with national and international standards.
COB Value Tester for assessing moisture retention in paper products.
Moisture Tester Machine for accurate material characterisation measurement that ensures unaffected crystal clear printing on our products.
GSM Tester Machine for ensuring standard product paper weight.

global Parachem Packaging products supplier


Back up keeps Global Parachem operations uninterrupted and our deliveries on schedule.