Paper Mailer Bags for Packaging

Paper mailer bags are packaging bags made from completely biodegradable and recyclable paper, which can be starch based or made from Kraft paper. These bags go by many names across the world of packaging. They are called paper courier bags, and courier bags too. When there is added security for paper mailer bags with a self- sealing  adhesive, they can also be called tamper proof  paper mailer/courier bags. 

Paper Mailer Bags are suitable for which industries?

Paper based courier and tamper proof paper courier bags are best suited to meeting the demands of the world’s biggest industries- e-commerce, electronics, fashion, retail, garments, food delivery products, to name a few. However, seeing how paper mailer bags are becoming the most widely available and accessible sustainable packaging option we have right now, their industry portfolio is surely bound to expand, along with their market share. 

Currently, paper based mailer and courier bags account for 30% of the total flexible packaging industry right now. However, due to increasingly aware and considerate consumers, governments are rolling out legislative reforms seeking to phase out and eliminate the use of harmful plastics from their economies, for good. This means paper based packaging solutions are bound to become the preferred choice of packaging for almost everything in the market. And some forecast paper mailer bags will gain up to 60% market share by 2026 alone.

Which Products Can Be Packed In Paper Mailer/Courier Bags

The typical paper mailer bags, or paper courier bags, are best recommended and used for e-commerce, which essentially means almost all product based industry. These bags are tamper proof and assure customers their purchases get to them safe and sound. The turnaround time in producing these bags is quite quick, which makes meeting the huge demands of e-commerce achievable for paper paper courier bag manufacturers. Their best trait is how customisable these flexible packaging products are. Brands use paper sealed mailer bags to market and promote themselves, their new offerings, initiatives etc. while also fulfilling important corporate social responsibilities. These bags can also be coloured and designed on, and easily manufactured using state of the art machines for meeting bulk orders.

Paper Mailer Bags for food packaging and delivery
Paper mailer bags for ecommerce packaging for businesses

How Do Paper Mailer Bags Reduce Costs

If you’re selling more products, while maintaining their quality and of your operations: there will come a junction where you’ll have to compromise on something to increase profits. You can also just reduce the cost of your packaging by going for paper mailer 

In order to meet an ever-increasing demand for responsible eco-friendly packaging solutions that also lower logistics costs and packaging process that keep speed with the same: we have developed innovative and sustainable paper mailer solutions that support the eCommerce market, and our customers’ growth.

Global Parachem’s Paper Mailer/Paper Courier Bags/Tamper Proof Courier Bags are made from sustainable materials and kraft paper, which makes them completely recyclable in accord with available disposal and recycling  amenities . These bags are ideal for shipping non-sensitive items,

courier bags for delivery

Alternative packaging options

Our mission to provide cost effective and eco-friendly flexible packaging solutions has led us to coming up with other sustainable products like poly bags that are eco-friendly and sturdy at the same time, great for sensitive products. We also provide Compostable bags made from starch, they come from the soil and return to it when disposed. 

Cost Effective Sustainable Paper Bags for packing products

Customers can choose from a range of paper mailer and paper courier bags from our catalogues, and while the cost changes with and without customisations in printing, and depends on the prices of raw materials. Global Parachem ensures all its partners get the best-in-market benefits and rates, while meeting all environmental obligations. 

How To Pack With Sustainable Paper Mailer Bags

Upon reaching our packaging centre

  • Products are packed in paper mailer bags, whose shape adjusts according to the goods packed inside.
  • A faster filling process is ensuredthrough seamless man-machine protocols 
  • The bag is finally closed off with at the top with a self-sealing adhesive strip..

For customers:

  • Can open the bags easily with the opening strip
  • If consumers return the product, the bags can be re-used and closed off again with the second adhesive strip on the flap.
  • There’s no need extra tape forpackaging and returning items.

Benefits of Paper Mailer Bags for packing products for shipping

Paper Mailer Bags offer producers, consumers, and the planet, a string of benefits:

Benefits to Consumers

  • Lower weight and transport volume which makes for lesser costs
  • Customers can express their brands to the fullest with colourfulbranding and design 
  • The paper feels excellent while handling and leaves consumers satisfied
  • Consumers can easily open and return these bags,
  • Options: handle, gusset, outer lamination
  • Available in flat/ folded/pinch bottom, double tear tape, and hot-melt strips.
  • Come with handles, gussets, and outer lamination.