Best Flexible Packaging Products in India for all Business needs

Best Flexible Packaging Products in India for all Business needs

What is Flexible Packaging?

It is a method of product packaging or packing products through using non-rigid (aka flexible) materials that make much more room for more economical, eco friendly, sustainable and customisable options for a variety of products and sellers. Flexible packaging has been around for a lot longer in Eastern and African countries but is still a relatively new method in product packaging market. However, flexible packaging has come to gain instant popularity and success due to being cost effective, extremely efficient and very easy to recycle and dispose in simple ways.

Flexible packaging methods include the use of a variety of highly flexible and strong tensile materials, the likes of plastic and its polymers foil and other similar material, and of course paper, which can be sourced from not just trees today, but eggs and starch and corn and so on. All these materials can be used separately or in combination as well, to produce bags, mailer bags, pouches, FMCG  disposables, pouches, zip-locks, flexible wrappers, among many other pliable product containers. Flexible product packaging is most useful in the industries that are in need of innovative and versatile packaging solutions quickly, the fast moving consumer goods industry, along with the the food and beverage industry, also with personal care and beauty industries, and pharmaceutical industries make up the bulk of where flexible packaging is needed. However, electronics and appliances majors are also turning to flexible packaging like bubble wrap to ship really valuable high end products like laptops and computers and mobile phones the world over, without damage. From the world’s largest e-commerce players Amazon to perhaps the fruit seller near your place, there is a flexible packaging solution for every business.

If you’re starting off a sales business or wish to sell your products in any way, shape, or form: you’ll need packaging. Every business owner must keep a few things in mind before choosing the most suited kind of packaging for their products. This article will take you through the best flexible packaging solutions for various products and bring to the light the exact things you should look out for.

The questions that you need to ask when you go searching for flexible packaging for your products

There are usually three major questions any seller or producer will ask of themselves when deciding upon the type of packaging that will help them maximise their revenue.

How long will the product’s shelf life be? Will it be extended or shortened?

The longer the better in this case.

Can the packaging be reused again and/or recycled effectively? This can save costs like nothing else.

How heavy is it going to be on my pocket? Is the packaging cost effective for my operations? Flexible packaging offers the best pricing for product packaging, period.

An unequivocal solution to all of the questions above is flexible packaging. You can have a product of any shape but of certain size notwithstanding really heavy or huge products. You take your product and look up the best flexible packaging providers in your area, give them the irregularly shaped product; and they’ll render its packaging for you. Global Parachem is provides some of the best flexible packaging in India, and packaging companies like ours are adept at dealing with all sorts of products, including those that are chemically sensitive: and ensuring your products receive the best packaging for them.

What sets flexible packaging apart is its immense ability to shape shift and change forms as per the required specifications and dimensions of any and every product.

There’s no packaging solution better at  moisture absorption, oxygen scavenging or temperature control than flexible packaging. This is what makes it the preferred choice for packing food items as it keeps them fresh during transportation and on the shelf.

Conventional flexible packaging can be derived from easily yielding materials that include polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polyester and polypropylene.

These materials render flexible packaging fast can be moulded and materialised into bubble wrap, film wrap, level 4 security bags, paper bags, mailer bags, rolling wrap and others.

Convenience and cost effectiveness coupled with a huge consumer market have made flexible packaging one of the fastest growing packaging industries in the world. In India, the packaging market is estimated to touch $200 billion dollars by 2026 and is seeing an annual growth rate of under twenty percent, with expectations for it to grow at a staggering twenty five percent in the next few years.

For the modern seller, there’s a plethora of options in flexible packaging owing to huge leaps in technology and innovation. Your needs will determine the packaging, and there’s no product yet to be made that can’t be packaged. Have a look at some packaging materials to choose from, and depending on your bundling needs, you can get in touch with us.


Flexible Packaging bags

You’ve been using these for years now, of course they’re found in the shape of shopping bags, a staple of economies across the world. Shopping for groceries or buying a purse from Dior, shopping bags often find themselves going from necessary evil to fashion statements. The need to reduce plastic usage in shopping bags lead to many ecological and sustainable solutions being created, the likes of recycled plastic bags, paper bags, paper mailer bags, are all made from sustainably sourced material like starch, corn, and even eggs. These bags offer ample space for design and colour combinations as well, and are quite attractive. An increasingly conscious number of consumers has lead to a huge rise in demand for sustainable shopping bags today.

Flexible packaging Non Woven Bags


As the name suggests, these bags are made by entangling many fibres together to create a bag with the help of a strong adhesive. These bags are eco-friendly and sustainable, they can also be recycled and reused many times over. Don’t be mislead by the soft origin story, these bags are tensile and sturdy, long lasting , waterproof, convenient to carry and can be used for everything a regular shopping bag can be used for.

Recyclable mailers for e-commerce products are a great example of this, they are eco-friendly and provide great protection with their heavy padding, they are an ideal solution for replacing plastic wrapping like bubble wrap mailers that have been used for selling hard electronic and appliance based products.

With the world moving ever closer to sustainable development goals in e-commerce packaging, these bags are the present and future.

Our mailer bags are certified recyclable and the natural kraft paper is separated from the padded material, and when it’s being recycled, the cushioning pieces are separated from the paper fibers, and disposed properly.

Poly-mailer E-commerce packaging bags


Poly mailer bags have caught the attention of all players in the e-commerce shipping world /and their popularity continues to grow.

These bags afford a cost effective, light, durable and sturdy alternative to something like cardboard boxes as they’ll take up much lesser space in transit vehicles and they’ll weigh less- both of which effectively reduce the cost of shipping and delivery.

Poly mailers are plastic-based lightweight envelopes made from moisture-resistant polyethylene that composes most of the generally used plastic products across the world.

These mailer bags come in a lot of dimensions and sizes, all of which offer terrific protection against moisture, dust, and tampering (tamper proof maile bags) to ensure transported and stored goods will get to almost every customer in mint condition.

Though cardboard packages will be hard to do away with for a lot of products, there are many ways to ship products to your customers  where poly mailers will be a much better and cheaper choice. Poly mailers have proved to be most suited for the shipping of goods like shoes, clothing, toys, books, toys, and other durable goods directly to customers.

The two primary objectives for most e-commerce businesses are to ensure their goods reach their customers intact and safe,  and with as little damage as possible.

Poly mailers help e-commerce businesses in attaining both of these and more: they offer a great way to market your products and communicate with your customers directly. There are many different types of poly mailers in the market, all of which can be found with the best flexible packaging providers in Delhi and NCR.

High Molecular Flexible packaging Carry Bags


These are bags used for carrying everyday times such as groceries, fruit, vegetables, medicine, supplies, stationery, and a lot of other things. These are a cheap option and is available in a trove of colours and combinations. These bags are also very strong, really spacious, lightweight and extremely durable.

The downside is they can’t be recycled but they can be disposed and reused with great ease.

Bioxally Oriented Polypropylene Flexible packaging


Simply called BOPP bags,  these bags have exceptional tensile strength, are the most waterproof solution you’ll find and provide terrific protection for a range of products.

These bags come in many colours and sizes, and can be used for packing in fresh produce, confectionary items, and other perishable items.

LDPE Flexible packaging Bags

These bags are everywhere and are used for carrying everyday items. They m have a very low melting point, which makes them well suited for food storage food and logistical purposes.

HDPE Flexible packaging Bags

These bags are ideal for disposal and are available in all sizes, you will have seen them in schools, offices, restrooms, kitchens and so on. These bags are very light and really easy to carry, but can tear easily as they offer no resistance to sharp pointy objects.

PE Bags or Polyethylene Bags

PE Bags and polyethylene in general is a very popular packaging choice and can be used in the packaging of many products like grains, food, fragile objects, marbles, and so on. They also make for a great way for storing dal and other kinds of staples like rice, wheat, and pulses too.

Flexible Biodegradable packaging bags

These bags are made out of plants and vegetables like starch and hemp, both of which will be decomposed naturally by bacteria. These bags are the way ahead, with most major corporations coming into their trend, they make for a great packaging choice because they are reusable, environment friendly, recyclable, and require the least amount of energy to produce. They have come to be reckoned as the best possible alternative to plastics for our shopping, groceries, personal care items, medicines and many others.

Protective Flexible packaging

Flexible Packaging Adhesive Tapes

These tapes can be single sided or double  sided and are mostly used for holding wound injuries in place and/or joining two materials. It makes for a great alternative to glue, and provides excellent adhesion to boot.

Courier Bags

These multipurpose bags are versatile and extremely easy to use and utilise. Most of these bags put in to use by parcel and freight operations, e-commerce portals and other selling platforms online as well.

Flexible Air Bubble pouches

Air bubble pouches are best used for the packaging of  small electronic product as they are light and provide excellent, secure cushioned protection around the product. This has made air bubble pouches a huge hit with e-commerce platforms that sell electronic items.

Flexible packaging Bubble wrap

Probably the most well recognised, used, and loved flexible packaging items known to man,

bubble wrap has been used for years now to package east to break (fragile) products during transportation and delivery. This is because it provides great shock and pressure absorption.

Bubble wrap has been used to pack many other products in different sizes and shapes, it also makes for a cheap option with peerless protection. If used and collected carefully, it can be used and utilised again, which would save costs.

It also provides shock and pressure absorption which makes it an ideal packaging

Flexible Foam packaging

Foam packaging makes for an excellent means to protect against shock and vibration during turbulent and long transit. This packaging is suited to all types of packaging requirements, from small individual products to huge pieces of equipment and machinery.

Flexible films

Flexible packaging  BOPP Films

These films are made with the use of a cross direction technique in which the film is stretched out both mechanically and manually. These films are very sophisticated, versatile, and come with complete barrier properties. BOPP films are so flexible that they can fulfil every packaging need we have, from cookies to laminated printouts.

It is also sealable with heat and is well suited to the needs of the packaging industry.

Foil packaging

Foil packaging is most used in the food and pharmaceutical industries as this type of packaging blocks the passage of moisture, air, light, and bacteria. Food remains fresh and medicines effective when packaged in foil and with better shelf life. Additionally, foil packaging is completely recyclable and reusable.

Flexible Stretch Films

Stretch films are most commonly used for packing palletised boxes. This highly stretchable film can be used to safely secure products and fasten them to each other before binding them tightly together.

Flexible Packaging boxes & cartons

Corrugated Flexible packaging rolls

These rolls are best utilised for packing electronic items, furniture,, industrial merchandise, and others. 
The great benefit of using corrugated rolls is the material’s ability to be used for packaging products of every shape and size. It boasts of  elastic properties and great shock absorption qualities, which makes the rolls an ideal packaging product.

Corrugated boxes

As old as time, almost, these boxes are known for their quality, strength, and cost-effectiveness. These boxes have been used  used for shipping every known item. They are also recyclable and great for transportation. Smaller corrugated boxes are today mostly used by e-commerce sellers as cover boxes for mobile phones.

These boxes are still the most preferred packaging as they can be shaped, moulded and folded into a variety of shapes and sizes,  and are easily customisable according to the needs of packaging.

Flexible Zip Lock packaging

Iconic, useful, undying- that’s Ziplock packaging, which can be utilised for home use by way of storing food items and is also used to carrying food to work and school as these pouches ziplock and seal in the freshness of the food and keep the air out, keeping food fresh for really long.

Flexible Stand Up pouches

These pouches makes for great packaging choices as they have a strong base and terrific clear display capability. Once positioned, these packages can stand on their own on shelves, are airtight sealed and are extremely easy to pack.

There are many options when it comes to flexible packaging solutions, but you must remember that you don’t need to look for extra-ordinary ways to package your products,  you just need to get in touch with a flexible packaging provider who’ll understand your product and its packaging needs.

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