Sustainable packaging products in India for different businesses

Sustainable packaging products in Delhi

Sustainability takes a holistic approach to the design, manufacturing and consumption cycle. It has become increasingly important in light of environmental pressures such as limited resources, climate change and the growing population. Premium businesses have prioritized sustainability in recent years, creating environmentally friendly packaging choices that are quicker to produce and better for consumers than traditional alternatives. Conscious decisions that support the just and efficient use, production, and disposal of resources are the foundation of sustainability. The new paradigm for packaging and product design is one that emphasizes sustainable packaging products. We see packaging as an essential component of every brand’s strategy and see its potential to communicate with consumers. Sustainability isn’t just about reducing the footprint on our planet; it’s also about creating products that resonate with consumers and positively impact people’s lives in meaningful ways.

Sustainable packaging products are made up of materials that are as carbon-neutral and renewable as possible. Packaging produced with sustainable materials results in significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainable packaging helps reduce the impact on our environment and the developing world.

What are the top 3 types of sustainable packaging products?

  • Biodegradable packaging products
  • Recyclable packaging products
  • Sustainable Flexible packaging products

To give you a glimpse into the continued development of these earth-saving innovations, we will examine the top 3 types of sustainable packaging in more detail in the section that follows.

Biodegradable sustainable packaging products

A packing material that degrades organically and disintegrates in the presence of oxygen, water, and microbes. Renewable resources including corncobs, corn stalks, maize cobs, and non-wood biomass like straw, scrap plastic, and paper fiber can be used to make the product. Due to its inherent composition of biodegradable substances like starch and cellulose, the package has a long lifespan. This is to provide a better effect of environmental protection so that a safe place for a new life can be generated in the product using this type of packaging. Because this will help us get rid of many chemical materials which are harmful to our earth at the beginning from the products.

Some examples of biodegradable packaging include bags made from corn starch and milk bottles that contain an inner coating of corn starch or bi-carbonate of soda.

  • Corn Starch Packaging

Corn starch is a highly absorbent, biodegrading and sustainable packaging filler. The end-user benefits from this because corn starch packaging products are made of renewable resources. It is therefore an environmentally benign packaging material which is used by many companies to package their products like food and beverage. Drying maize kernels and then crushing them into a fine powder allows for the production of corn starch packaging materials. Material made of corn starch has the advantage of being clear and unlikely to crystallize. These are generally used to wrap products as adaptable, inert, and non-toxic in nature. It has a longer shelf life, is more affordable, and may be used frequently. Even with damaged or opened packaging, product quality can be maintained.

  • Mushroom packaging

It is a specialized vacuum packaging technology that uses mycelium which grows around clean agricultural waste to package a product. It is a biodegradable and 100% plastic free solution to environment degradation. This technology aims at the protection of the product against contaminations during transit.

Mushroom packaging products are designed to offer an alternative to conventional paper-based food packages which may not be durable enough for certain types of food products. This material is used for packaging as it is more durable, eco-friendly and recyclable. Mushrooms have an excellent effect on environment protection and energy saving. It is an exceptional material, providing a perfect solution for food and drinks packaging. The outer case prevents moisture from entering the product, and minimizes any damage to the product. It sets the standard for high-quality design, whether looking at its functionality or aesthetic aspects.

Recyclable packaging products (Currently used for E-commerce and Food delivery businesses)

Food containers, cosmetics jars, miniature bottles, and other small packaging items can all be packaged with recyclable materials. The recycling rate can reach 90%, and it is not only resource-saving but also environmentally friendly. These materials are made from recyclable materials like paper and plastic, but they can also be made from the same non-recyclable material by incorporating less harmful materials. For instance, fiberglass could be used in the construction of biodegradable food containers to speed up the process of decomposition. It has been established that recyclable packaging is sustainable. Along with the rapidly expanding demand, we can use them repeatedly.

Both our recyclable cardboard containers and biodegradable plastic bottles are made from recycled material and are printed with soybased inks. They have been carefully formulated to provide an ideal balance of performance and environmental responsibility, without compromising on quality or appearance.

  • Paper Bags

Paper bag recycling has emerged as a fantastic means of improving the earth. These are recycled in an eco-friendly manner. They are composed entirely of recyclable materials, organically degrade, and convert readily to compost. Paper bags look fantastic as it protects your items from heat, and are reusable, so you can use them often. They also act as a biodegradable thermal barrier. Paper can be usually recycled and substituted in a variety of products. The majority of paper is created from wood and is used in stores and supermarkets, including those sold by the gallon in markets, deli counters, and produce departments. They can be made from a range of various materials.

  • Peal and Seal Polybags

These are the special type of poly bags that are used for packaging products and manufactured from high quality material. Each roll has a double-sealed Polyfilm inner layer sealed with a laminated surface protector film. The outer layer is water resistant and tear proof, which provides excellent protection for the product to prevent damage during transportation. The size of these bags is relatively big and can be reeled off easily once you open them up. They are also known as film, liner, bubble pouch and pressure-sealable plastic bags. Poly bags are made from recycled materials and always closed with simple velcro closures. This ensures that the bag can be reused for as long as possible. Poly bags are made from recyclable virgin material (not recycled).

Flexible Packaging Products

Flexible packaging, also called flexible plastic or corrugated cardboard, is a type of packaging material used for the packing and shipping of products. The use of flexible packaging is primarily for short- to medium-term storage purposes such as garments and paper products. It is the name of a type of plastic material made from different pliable plastics that can be rolled up, folded or shaped. As long as it is smooth on the inside surface, flexible packaging can be heat sealed, glued, taped and compressed without crumbling. This type of packaging is used for bulk goods such as apparel items, beverage and food products. They can be used for fragile items as well as bulk items such as rolls of paper towels or carpet rolls

  • Tamper Proof Courier Bags

These are designed to protect against punctures and rips. This material is compatible with all standard shipping methods, but the service is not available for fragile or valuable items. This robust, tamper-evident courier bag features a clear window area that provides a visual reference for your package’s content and providing an extra layer of security when handling large shipments. Air tight, double walled construction makes these courier bags leak proof with enough space for all your gear. As a courier bag and strong but flexible packaging material, Tamper is low density, has a low permeability and almost no expansion. It is a good choice for mobile phone bags and other goods packaging.

  • FMCC Bags

FMCC bags are made with 100% chemical-free materials and being flexible and highly efficient, making it the best packaging option for any product. These bags are biodegradable and compostable in its chemical composition. The FMCC bags, also known as a flexo bag, are designed for high quality branding, straight or curved printing. It’s Flexible Packaging simply put, allows merchants to package their products in any shape, size or form


The aim of this study was to identify and compare the different produce packaging material and find which one could be used in order to protect our surrounding from natural damage, while ensuring that it can be more sustainable. The results indicate that by using sustainable packaging materials, we can reduce environmental impacts. Our findings could help guide the future development of sustainable plant-based packing materials. We are happy to share that we have developed packaging materials that are sustainable and biodegradable.

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